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Promoting healthy hair - Ouchless braids

                                                                      Hair Braiding Courses 


The length of each course is two weeks/ two days per week for one hour or two weeks / one day per week for two hours. Our Schedule changes continuously due to the popularity of our courses, therefore, Please email us @ with the days and exact time you/group you would like to attend. 


The Re- Introduction to African hair braiding courses are designed to teach students the history of African hair braiding, styles and sectioning, Cornrows with and without extensions, single braids, Senegalese twist, Crochet Braids, twists and knots, multiple strands and other procedures as they relate to hair-braiding. This course is designed for (Adult/children) beginners, Intermediate and Advanced braiders. 

Few benefits of our hands on hair braiding courses are: learn our ouch-less braid technique, Increase your hair braiding speed and learn efficient techniques and build up your confidence to create an amazing portfolio.

Individual Courses are available! 



             Braiding Classes is fun and Educational. Perfect for Mom's, Children, Stylist and  cosmetologist students.


Please email us @ with the two days

       and exact time you/group you would like to attend